June Badminton

The dates and play times for all of June:




AVCC – Apple Valley Community Center

BHC – Bloomington Hillside Church

BYMCA  Blaisdell YMCA

ERRC – El Rio Vista Recreation Center

HLC – Hopkins Lindbergh Center

MVBC – MN Vietnamese Badminton Club

– (J) – Jefferson Activity Center

– (K) – Kennedy Activity Center

PAC – Park HS Activity Center

SRC – Stewart Recreation Center

UOM – University of MN Badminton Club

WAC – Woodbury HS Activity Center

WHC – Wayzata High School

WMRC – West Minnehaha Recreation Center

YMCA – Blaisdell YMCA

Let me know if anything is wrong or needs updating.

—- For the Google Sheets version of this calendar click here —-

7 thoughts on “June Badminton

  1. Went to woodbury today. There is a child basketball tournament going on and no badminton. Trying to contact them last week, always machine!!!


    1. Their phones don’t seem to work properly. Everytime I call it gives me the busy signal.

      If you look at the calendars they post though you should get the right information. Look under “Venue Information” and you should find the link to the activity center calendar.


      1. Thanks for reply. I am currently looking for some partner for double play. The location is minihaha recreation center. Please let me know if any one want to play double at a regular interval. My email is sunflower2003076@yahoo.com. Cheers


  2. Thank you for creating this calendar; looking forward to June’s venue calendar. Could you include the city on the venues? eg: Roosevelt school is a place in Minneapolis too…


    1. Hello Colleen,

      I’m unsure as to what you’re asking of me. I will be happy to include Roosevelt High School on my list of venues with the needed information like how much it costs, what days there is playtime, how many courts, what kinds of shuttles are used (feather or nylon) and whoever is in charge.

      As far as the other venues are concerned, I have the address marked for each venue which includes the city the venue is in. Is this what you’re asking?


  3. I live in Rosemount, MN. I need to re-string my badminton rackets. Where can I re-string them locally? Please recommend. Thanks.


    1. If you look under equipment resources, I have some of the places you can get restringing services done.

      Zoe Chan is in Burnsville, MVBC is in Bloomington, otherwise you can also get restringing services done at the Hopkins club.


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